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Where are the watches manufactured?

Our watches are expertly crafted with a Japanese movement. Other components are from diverse origins including Singapore, Europe, and China, depending on the watch series you pick. Each watch is meticulously assembled by a team of highly adept, experienced watchmakers hailing from Hong Kong, UK and Japan.

How can I personalize the watch?

You can simply click into any product in this link and start the customization process. You can have thousands of combinations and I am sure there's always a style that represent you, your friends, and your love.

You may also watch the tutorial video in case you are not clear.

What are customized watch?

You can use our customization portal to create a one-of-a-kind watch for yourself, your friends, and your partners. After receiving your customization request, our craftsman will assemble the
watch one by one.

Why is your mechanical watch cheaper than otherbrands?

We are enthusiastic about watches. Throughout our teenage life, we endeavor to look for high quality (but good value) components to build watch ourselves. We consult expertise all around the world, and finally come up with an affordable solution and we decided to turn it into business.

We want to sell the watches to young adults, who can't afford good watches like us back in the old days. The first piece of mechanical watch shall always mean a lot to a young boy.

How obvious/delicate can the customizing be?

You might preview after you designed at the website. You can also view our watches photo.

Feel free to contact us if you want to print your image logo.

Are the watches compatible with other straps in the market?

The width of the straps will differ depending on the size of the watch case. Please see the list below to find the specific model.

Why did my watch stop working?

Mechanical watches are powered by the mechanical parts of the movement, instead of battery. You will need to wind up
and store energy for the watch movement. The energy stored in the mainspring of the watch will eventually run out and the watch will stop working, if it is not wound.  Wind it up by rotating the crown clockwise 20 times. If the watch does not restart, please contact us at, or try look at our tutorial.

How to keep my watch for a longer period?

In general, you should protect your watch from heavy physical shocks, extreme temperature, and humidity changes, and keep
it away from deep water. We recommend you to clean your watch with a damp cloth on a regular basis. Do keep your mechanical watch away from magnets to avoid magnetization, which can cause a defect in your watch. We also recommend having the watch serviced by a qualified watchmaker every 5-10 years.

Can I swim while wearing my watch?

Our watches are generally water resistant to 100 meters. (The meters refer to the amount of water pressure the watch can
withstand, but not the actual depth. There are possible chances that a wave of water to the watch would cause a change in water pressure). Although the watch can withstand water splashes, we generally do not recommend our customer wearing them for swimming or diving.

Can I purchase a Modifi watch as a gift?

Spending some efforts and customizing a one and only watch to your special one would definitely mean more then buying a simple gift/ watch. You can have your watch designed with words/ messages, which becomes a present of eternity and a moment to remember.

You can pay a little extra on purchasing a special gift box.

Will Modifi service my watches?

We will service the watch per your request.

Please contact us at and tell us about the situation of the watch. We will come back to you with a quote and response.

Shipping, Warranty, Payments, Returns

We use all major carriers, and local courier partners. You’ll be asked to select a delivery method during checkout.

What is the shipping policy?

Once your order is placed, you will receive a confirmation email letting you know that our fulfillment team has received your order. Once your order is fulfilled, you will receive an email notification with your tracking information. Shipping fees are non-refundable in the case of returns.

Do you ship overseas?

Yes, we do offer free international shipping.

We may not ship to specific locations due to limitation of our shipment service. You may look up the table for the shipping locations.

How will the product be delivered?

We are using various delivery services depending on whether it is an urgent case/ the location. To ensure the watch are received in good hands and to prevent it from being stolen away, we would require your signature for all packages. Please choose an address that someone will sign and receive the package during office hours.

How do I change my delivery informationafter I've placed my order?

Please update us asap after your order placement. We can’t change the address once it’s shipped.

When will my order be shipped?

It takes around 15 - 25 business days to receive your watch. It does take some time as it's all hand made and specially customised for you.

Why is it delayed?

It might still delay due to the following reasons:

- Public holidays and busy
periods might require extra time to process your order.

- Government customs and
postal office also need extra time to process and deliver packages during peak seasons, on or before major holidays.

- The delays may also occur
if the payment authorization is still pending.

- Unforeseen circumstances
such as natural disasters/ geographical issues

When I go to the checkout page, it says "Payment Error”. What should I proceed?

Double check with all the inputted information especially your credit card information and address. If the information is correct and payments still didn’t go through, the problem is most likely related to your bank/ payment channels. Please contact at or call us directly. We will evaluate the situation and see if there’s any possible follow-up methods.

How long will it take you to make my customwatch?

It takes us about 10 business days to handcraft and assemble your watch. It will also be determined by the components you select as well as our available capacity. You may refer to the estimated delivery date at the checkout page.

Normally our customers can receive the watch within one month.

My watch has a problem, but my warranty has expired. What should I do?

We will still service the watch per your request. Please contact us at and tell us about the situation of the watch (What’s the problem, etc.). We will come back to you with a repairing quote and response.

How long is the warranty and what does itcover?

We offer a standard 12 months international warranty for all products. The warranty becomes effective since the shipment date. We will evaluate the situation and give you a satisfying answer. The warranty does not cover damage resulting from accidents or misuse.

Contact us at and we can brief you the process.

To emphasize again, we are not liable for any unintentional damage to the watch. Our watch expert will first conduct the investigation. We will refund all the related shipping fees once we have determined your watch is covered under warranty.

Please keep in mind that it is the customer's responsibility until the watch are received by us. Thus we suggest you taking the necessary precautions, or choose a better delivery service and appropriate when sending back to us for investigation.

Can I return and get a refund for my watchafter I receive it?

We only accept order return within 7 days after order confirmation. If customer have received the product in hand, customer would need to mail us back the product and we will issue a full refund to the customer in 30 days after receiving the returned items. If the return watch includes special customization parts such as printing logos, we can only return half of the purchase price.

Conditions of refund shall at least meet all the following conditions:

- All returned products must be new/original, resalable, with its original packaging.

- Customer should bear the return shipping/ packages costs
themselves. Customer should also bear the responsibility before the product has been received by us

- Return shipping costs and packages are the customer's responsibility; Modifi Watch does not provide return labels. When returning your package, it is recommended that you take the necessary precautions by using registered and traceable services.

Contact us at first before returning any items.

I have received an incorrect/ missing/ defectivewatch. What should I do?

You may contact us within 7 days of receiving the order. Please send us back the photo of the watch, order number and other relevant information. So that we can look into the matter and sort out quickly.

Contact us at first before returning any items. We will bear the delivery cost if we confirm the mistake is on us.

CMF watch limited reserves the right to make the final decision on all return cases in the event of a dispute.

Can I exchange for a new watch within the first 7 days of receiving the watch?

You may contact us if you would like to request for an exchange. A service charge of HKD1000 service fee for such service, apart from the price difference of the exchanged piece.

The shipping fee for the new order will be waived if you requested an exchange. All orders can be exchanged once only.

If the return watch includes special customization parts such as printing logo or words, we can only return half of the purchase price.

Promo Code and Email Subscription

Why should I give you my email address?

Customer must enter their email address to receive the order confirmation and receipt. We would also use this channel to keep you inform about your order status. Besides, we often send promo codes and latest products through this channel as well.

Why should I create an account?

Creating an account will allow you to view and track your orders. We will also give out redeemable points to designated customers to redeem free watch parts/ dials or even movement.

You will always receive an email update when there's a promotion. We will also throw out random promo codes to people who follow and support us from time to time.

I received a promo code from Modifi watch. What should I do with it?

You can input the promo code at the check out section.

Unfortunately, if you forgot to input the promo code, we cannot offer you the discount again after the payment is settled.

I forgot to input the promo code. Can I get the discount back?

Unfortunately, we cannot re-apply discounts if the order is confirmed. Do remember to input the promo code during the check
out session.

Apology for the inconvenience.

Merchant Order/ Large Order

How can I make a merchant order, or large order?

You may contact us directly at if you intend to make more than 30 watches. We’ll give you a special offer.

How do I make a payment for my order? Why hasn't my payment been approved?

We accept most payment channels including PayPal, credit or debit card including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Paypal, Alipay and Wechat pay. We will send out a confirmation email if we received the payment. Do double check with the confirmation email with your
email box.

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